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America x Reader ~Nearsighted~
“Alfred, I like you.”
The person who you had a crush on for nearly three years was standing right in front of you and staring at you. Before, you had only stolen glances at him from various points of your classrooms afraid that he or some other classmate might catch you looking at him. Alfred wasn’t a particularly smart student, but just to increase your chances of being in the same classes with him, you remained in preparatory courses instead of the honors and advanced courses your teachers and counselors had recommended. Now, after many years of watching him from afar, you finally summed up your courage and confronted your aching feelings and fears by saying the three simple yet critical words.
“Say what?” Alfred replied. You hadn’t been expecting something like that.
Did I say it too softly? you wondered. Your face was beet-red, but nevertheless, you decided to try again.
“I like you,” you repeated yourself in a sl
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 486 176
Undertaker X Reader Drop Dead Gorgeous Chapter 6
Drop Dead Gorgeous: Undertaker X Reader

Chapter 6
Your POV:
I wonder where Unnie is… He’s definitely taking his sweet time. Indeed he was. By now everyone was gone as the funeral was finished. The final goodbyes were said over ten minutes ago.
I hope he’s not gotten himself into trouble with the police again. They’ve had him on file since he mistook an elderly lady asleep on a bench for a ‘guest’. You shuddered at the memory. I know she “looked dead” as he proclaimed with his “professional opinion” but he didn’t have to measure her for a custom-made coffin there and then! Especially after she woke up! You face palmed at your next thought. And I STILL can’t believe he told her that “there’s no need for goo
:iconsilverwolfflight:SilverWolfFlight 97 40
milk and honey | shiro
shiro x gn!reader
warning: alcohol/underaged drinking
earth, high school au
this morning's supersymmetry
As soon as he hears pebbles knocking against his bedroom window, Shiro knows it's about time to head out.
He slips on a hoodie and creeps past his brother's door, careful not to wake any of his peacefully sleeping family members. When he steps outside his door, his greeted with your bright grin and loosely folded arms over an oversized sweater.
Shiro shakes his head with an amused sigh and raises his eyebrows, leaning his weight against the frame of his porch and looks at you expectantly.
You hold up your car keys and grin, motioning your head towards your car. It's old and rusting, but you love it with all your heart and insist on calling it 'Voltron' for some odd reason.
He finally breaks into a smile and walks over to you silently, stopping when he's standing over you, your chest almost brushing against his.
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 111 15
in the stars. // {shiro - voltron}
{ shiro x fem!reader }
warning(s): none.
     You could see it in his eyes. That burning desire.
     He continued to look skyward as he spoke in the most reverent tone, “I’m going to go there, (Name). One day, I will be among the stars. I will explore the unknowable vastness of space.”
     He reached out to the sky with one hand, closing his fingers over the untouchable, distant stars, creating the illusion that he could catch them. He then relaxed his hand, pressing it delicately to his chest. It was what he wanted more than anything. Even you.
     You pressed your lips together in a thin line. “And I’ll be watching for you, Shiro,” you answered, trying to rid yourself of the bitter taste in your mouth.
     You had wanted to tell him your feelings for some time, but now, how could you? If you told Shiro you could end up anchoring him to Earth, and you
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 85 4
An Angel Without Her Wings{Ciel x Sisterly!Reader}
Elizabeth hugged her beloved Ciel, “Goodbye Ciel! I’ll visit again soon! It’s a promise!”
Ciel stiffened, “Alright Elizabeth. Reach home safely.”
The blonde pouted childishly and whined, “I said it a million times! Call me Lizzy!” Her pout soon dissolved into a smile as she let go of her fiancé. She waved to the blue earl and his servants before climbing into her carriage with Paula following.
Once the manor was out of view the girl’s illusion fell. Her smile curved into a frown and her bright eyes dulled a bit.  
Paula noticed her mistress’ distress, “Milady, are you alright?”
The noble sighed, “I don’t know Paula. Ciel looked even angrier and upset today than he usually is. I want him to smile like he used to, but I’ve simply run out of ideas.”
Paula thought for a moment, “How about we go into town for a while? Perhaps you’ll be able to get more ideas?”
At the m
:iconmaplemagic1245:MapleMagic1245 462 98
To Make You Forget (Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)
To Make You Forget
(Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)
It was eerily quiet in the Phantomhive manor.  There was a heavy tension that was almost tangible.  Everyone knew what day it was.  Even you, the new maid.  You had only worked for the young earl for about a month but you had grown rather attached to him.  And knowing what a dark and troubling day it was, you decided that you should do something to “lighten the mood”.
                                                 Knock, knock, knock!  “May I come in?”
There was a slight pause.  You gripped the broom in your hands tightly as your eyes scanned up and down the thick oak door.  Finally a childish voice thick with a British accent called back, “Enter.”
      When you entered the study, you noticed that Ciel was doing paperwork. &
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 466 133
Smile lots and laugh more. (Ciel x Dying!Reader)
'Becoming of age was tough for a women in this time, I had come to learn. You had either needed to find work or elope with a suitor; but that was for the extremely wealthy families.. which mine was not one of those. No, we were not poor but we weren't rich either, sure I could have gotten a betrothed and lived out a happy, solid life with kids but I couldn't ever see myself doing something of that. I wanted to travel the world, see everything life had to offer on earth, sadly my family could not fund it. They told me, that if I wanted to travel I would have to find work and save up. And looking for work is exactly what I did, although many people did not want to hire a woman and for most I was far to young for them to trust me with their children. Soon I had come to loss on what to do, I could stay with my family no more for they could not afford to take care of me, themselves and the new baby they had on the way...
Until one day I had received a letter from one of my grandparents f
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 177 100
Snake X Reader (First Impressions)
"You little runt! This'll teach you to steal from me!" the shopkeeper shouted as he held you by the 
scruff of your neck. You, like many children in London, were orphaned. You weren't proud of stealing, you you'd do it in order to live. As the man started to beat you to no end, you thought about your diminishing chances of survival when you heard some one shout,
"Fire! Help! Someone Please!" The shopkeeper turned towards the shout, giving you enough time to clumsily slip from his grasp. You an away as fast as your injured body could carry you, twisting and turning through the maze of buildings until you finally collapsed in a back alley. As you tried to catch your breath, you noticed footsteps coming towards you. Fearing it was the law, you stood up to run some more. But a hand grabbed your shirt collar as a cheery voice said, "Woah There! Take it easy! We're not here ta hurt ye!" You then turned around to see eight people that were dressed so flamboyantly you weren't even sure th
:iconbloodofthetitan1:BloodoftheTitan1 102 18
Magic | Snake x reader
"Next is our very own magician." Joker represents you. Joker frowns, looks around him and raises a hand to cover his mouth. As if he is about to indulge a a secret to the audience. 
Joker's voice drops a whole octave. "It is said that a certain magician made a deal with the devil himself!" He pauses for dramatic effect, unaware of two who exchange brief glances and hidden smirks. The tent is quite, ears straining to hear the next words. "Magic and power in exchange for a soul." Cue the audience gasp, murmurs filling the silence. From your place in the shadows, you roll your eyes, as if they didn't already know that. Tsk. Rich bastards who like to make a show out of everything.
Joker's small frown turns into a wide smile in an instant. He claps his hands, bringing everyone's attention to him. "But have no fear, the incoming act will entertain you and will leave you feeling nothing but fascination." That is your cue. You step away from the shadows into the spotlig
:iconseeingsasha:seeingsasha 239 33
Snake x Reader: No One Has to Know
            Seven months, that’s how long it’s been since you and Snake decided to start your delightfully sneaky yet sweet relationship considering servants aren’t allowed to have them without their master’s permission. You wouldn’t have had a problem asking Ciel but Snake being his reserved self insists that no one needs to know about how well the two of you really get along. At first you felt bad about somewhat betraying your lord’s trust as well as feeling like the two of you weren’t even going to work out because when others are around both of you had to act like you were nothing more than acquaintances. It really hurt that you couldn’t openly show your affections for the lanky male that quietly stole your heart. However Snake made it very easy to forget all that quickly.
~Flashback to a week after the confessions~
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 325 35
Death Anxiety (Sister! Sakura x Sister! Reader)
| sakura haruno x sister!reader |
| Author's Note |
Please go and watch my new account "another-reynie-day" which is where I will be uploading new deviations and reuploading.
Anxiety filled her to the brim until she was choking on it. Sakura had been sent away from the tents, unwillingly of course. She had insisted on helping the other medic nins in taking care of the younger Haruno's severe wounds but...
"Absolutely not Haruno, you are in no condition to help us tend to your sister." Her mentor had remarked sharply, sending a pointed glare at her apprentice. "Treat your own wounds and calm down. We will treat her to the best of our ability." Turning around, she called for the other medics to escort Sakura to a resting area --but it was all but white noise to her as she stared unmovingly at her sister everything was too blurry--.

It was only then that she noticed the li
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 100 24
Mortality (Naruto Uzumaki x Reader AU)
| naruto uzumaki x reader | modern au
| Author's Note |
Please go and watch my new account "another-reynie-day" which is where I will be uploading new deviations and reuploading.
She halts for a moment, the expression on her face remains obscured to him from where they're standing. But, Naruto knows her well enough that he can see the twist of a bitter frown on her dry lips and her eyebrows knitting together. She is not a stranger even if she pretends to be, a confession is not enough to change her to him in the least. 
"Why are you leaving? I--." His uncharacteristically quiet voice cracks, "--I trust you..." A wary sigh escapes her, but she remains silent. It is difficult to process that she is leaving, after they have died together, killed together. He remembers her haunted irises, the familiar click of a gun, the stench of iron, and lost faces that they can't forget. 
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 64 4
How To Do IT? | Naruto x Reader
Naruto x reader (Married)
It’s a breezy night on mid-summer spending a hot cocoa at the terrace of the house beside of a clingy husband who’s always holding your waist so close at you all the time, the Usuratonkachi of your life. Sometimes it even crossed your thoughts that if he weren’t married with you maybe He’s an old-pervert-fart. And mostly, it worries you that being married for two years until now there’s still no little buddy running around the house.
And it bothers you a lot. You knew he’s not attracted with some sexy kunoichi out there nor he’s a homo or a gay or somewhat.
A heavy sigh released from your chest.
“Is there something wrong (Name)?” and it never failed for Naruto to notice your small actions.
You looked at him who’s curiously staring at your (eye color) orbs.
“Am I just the only one worrying about this?” you sheepishly asked.
“About what?” He replied unknowingly.
“About havi
:iconstrawberryjamy:StrawberryJamy 12 1
Regrets | Kakashi x Reader
Kakashi x Reader
“Come on (Name), try a little harder.” Kakashi teased as he holds your arms avoiding your attacks in taijutsu.
You smirked at his bluntness, “Oh yea you’ll get it.” You answered and jumped off waving signs while in the air, “Earth Style: Thousand needle spikes.” You began spitting needles followed by; “Water Style: Ancient Twin-headed Dragon.” You waved another sign “Wind Style: Eternal Fiery Cutter.” Then you combined Doton & Suiton waving mokuton. “Wood Style: Great Meteor Dash!” then a huge warrior giant is formed, you relaxed a bit by stepping on the shoulders of your giant. “Can you still keep it up Kakashi-sensei!” you yelled but watching him he easily evaded your attacks with his sharingan. You felt like your pride as a ninja was being played by him, you decided to show him what’s still hiding on your sleeves. You again waved a sign, “Ice Style: Glazing Dest
:iconstrawberryjamy:StrawberryJamy 45 16
Glad you came || Sasuke x Ill!Reader
The sun goes down, the stars come out,
And all that counts, is here and now,
My universe, will never be the same,
I'm glad you came...

Sasuke ran in high speed towards his old hometown Konoha.
The 1st reason why he came back was the next incoming Great Ninja War and the 2nd was his old friend [Name]. Actually, you were the 1st reason but who cared.
You had always been a sick child, caught diseases easily and missed many days at school because you needed to stay at home so you wouldn’t spread any of it.
But you still managed to be a great ninja, you didn’t let your sickness take control of your life, fought and did your missions like everyone else.
You had a strong will and everyone knew that, so did Sasuke. One of the things he admired about you.
Not that he would ever tell you.
He would just sneak into your house and then go again. The raven haired didn’t want anyone to see him yet.
You were an exception of course.
You cast a spell on me, spell on me,
You h
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 372 63
Til Death Do Us Part - Reaper!Russia x Reader
You were so small.
Ivan blinked down at the little girl who stared back up at him in return.
“Hello.” He greeted simply, tilting his head. She clutched her bedsheets between small, stubby fingers.
“Umm...Hi.” He sighed. So young. Too young. “I don’t think I know you, mista’.” Ivan nodded, smiling gently - sympathetically.
“Да, well, that is because this is the first time you have died.” She looked confused for a moment.
“Mhm.” (H/c) eyebrows furrowed.
“But...Um, if I’m dead, then, uh, why’m I still here?”
“We are no longer on the same plain as the living. See,” He took one of her hands in his much larger one - she gasped, his hand was cold - and pulled her gently out of the bed. She stumbled and righted herself against his robe, blinking away her confusion before turning to look at the bed - and her body. “That is you.”
:iconkaijinkyn:KaijinKyn 159 92


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