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Thorns (Dean x Witch!Reader) Ch.1
*Dean's POV*
Dean stood in the chip isle of the convenient store. His eyes ran over the different brands and flavors. He sighed lightly to himself. Chips didn't sound as appetizing as they had before. The hunter looked at the bag in his hand and set it back on the self. He turned and walked down the isle to the magazines. He smiled to himself at the sight of the busty asian magazine. "New edition... Awesome."
As Dean glanced through the magazine, a motorcycle pulled up to the convenient store and parked beside his Impala. Glancing up from the magazine, Dean watched as the motorcyclist pulled of their helmet. The woman set her helmet on the handle of her ride and stroked down her hair.
The Winchester lowered the magazine and watched as the woman pulled out a tube of dark maroon lipstick. She leaned towards the Impala's driver side mirror and smeared it carefully over her lips. He swallowed hard as he looked her over a few times. He took notice of the choker hugging around her neck and t
:iconbagkitten:BagKitten 24 1
Castiel x Reader || Another Set of Wings
Light from fading street lamps reflected off the drenched pavement, providing a dim view of the winding road ahead. A weary sigh emitted from your chapped lips, creating a thick cloud in the bitter atmosphere. With nimble fingers you pulled your leather jacket tighter around your figure, the thin material providing minimal warmth. Maybelline tears trailed lightly down flushed cheeks with no intention of ceasing. Every muscle ached perpetually, begging you to collapse before allowing your soles another step. You could have easily slipped the cell phone from your pants pocket and contacted the Winchesters', request they carry you back to some dingy motel for the evening. They would've obliged without hesitation given you were practically family. But you didn't want the warm embrace of scratchy sheets, or the stale scent of Impala seats. You cared for the brothers' who had provided years of friendship and protection, but their faces weren't the ones you longed to see. 
No, you craved
:icongracilisx:gracilisx 164 37
Gabriel x Reader: Mate to the Trickster Archangel

You had been best friends with Gabriel for a couple years now. He has always been by your side protecting you and making you happy. It always left you wondering, why you? Why did he choose you to be his girlfriend of all people in the universe?
The two of you had been through thick and thin and still remained together. Gabriel kept fighting to keep you by his side, why?
As these questions raced through your mind, you didn't notice the sound of angel wings in the room. Gabriel had arrived back from where he went as he saw you deep in thought.
He could sense what you were thinking about as he slowly began to walk over to you from behind. Suddenly the candy loving archangel hugged you from behind, putting his hands on your waist as you jumped a bit. "(Your name), I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Miss me?"
Your heart felt like it was going to leap right out of your chest from the fright he gave you. "Dear God Gabriel! Don't scare me like that!" You looke
:iconits-my-circus-now:Its-My-Circus-Now 269 9
Goldfish - Father!Mycroft x Child!Reader
I stand outside of my Primary school, clinging onto my backpack. I desperately search for the black car that always collected me every single day. It would drive me to whatever dance recital that I may have. Anthea usually sits in the backseat with me, allowing me to tell her about my day while she texts on her phone - most likely messaging my father or someone of importance.
Out of the corner of my eye I spot the familiar vehicle pulling up in front of me. I jump up and down on my spot in the street. The car pulls up to a stop and the backseat door opens to reveal my father sitting there, his umbrella by his side. He smiles over at me.
"Daddy!" I shout, climbing into the car.
"How was school today?" He asks, helping me secure my seat belt.
"It was okay. It was a little boring. Every time they speak they lower the IQ of the entire street." I giggle, plopping my bag onto the floor at my feet.
"I should never have let you speak with Sherlock." He mumbles.
"But I like Uncle Sherlock! He's
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 228 11
Father!Mycroft X Teen!Reader - Nobody's Home
Well I couldn't tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday.
And I couldn't help her,
I just watched her make the same mistakes again.

You paused momentarily, wiping a trail of blood from your nose, before swinging your fist once again, feeling the satisfaction as you heard his nose give a sickening crunch as it broke.
“What’s wrong, can’t take a hit from a girl?” you taunted.
He growled, getting back onto his feet, “bring it on, bitch!”
You were back in the fight, both of you yelling abuse at each other as you punched and kicked every part of each other you could.
The fight paused momentarily as you saw the teacher, Ms Kaighton, making her way towards you all, fuming.
“Fighting…again?! This is the third time this week, [name]!” she shouted.
You sniffled, wiping the blood from your lip, as you glared at her.
“This will mean
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 115 15
Reader X Gabriel - Baby Archangel
A/N: Some swearing is involved. And a briefly nude Gab (cheeky thing)
“You are both idiots!” You yelled at your brothers, as they stood there, rather sheepishly.
“Yeah, we get it, but what are we going to do?” Dean asked, as they looked at the baby that Sam was holding, who was currently fascinated by his hair – although that might have just been the trickster using his new form as an excuse to cause chaos.
Yes, that baby was Gabriel. The Archangel had turned up to see what was happening just as the brothers had cast a spell to summon Crowley, resulting in Dean cutting short and yelling something else from suprise. Long story short, his vessel had transformed into a baby, and you were all puzzling over how to turn him back.
“Ugh, there must be some spell.” Dean groaned, looking at the child, who peered mischievously at him, before his gaze fixated on you. He immediately began to gurgle, holding his arms out.
“Err, [name], I
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 253 20
A Touch of Convincing (Sam Winchester x Reader)
            Sam searched website after website trying to discover the identity of the current monster they were trying to capture. It was painful to keep his eyes open,having been awake for more than twenty four hours, but he refused to give up the search. This mysterious creature had already terrorized a town and needed to be stopped. He yawned and rubbed his eyes then took a drink of his black coffee.
            (Y/N) sat on the couch watching him from a distance. It pained her to see her boyfriend suffering. She tried earlier to convince him to go to sleep. He said he would in an hour, but that was three hours ago. She rose from the couch and made her way towards him. Her bare feet quietly smacked against the floor making her presence virtually undetectable. Sam jumped as her hands touched his shoulders.
:iconmugglewitch75:mugglewitch75 142 4
Lullaby - Dean x Reader
You had just come in from cleaning up the mess the boys had left behind on a hunt, when you heard Dean yell out in the room that you shared with him.
You rushed through to your room and saw Dean in bed with the sheets wrapped around him angrily. He had a pained expression on his face and sweat on his skin.
He reached out to your side of the bed and when he grabbed at nothing, he called out again in agony. You sat down next to him on the bed, putting a hand to his warm face.
‘Dean,’ you said quietly.
His beautiful green eyes flashed open, filled with pain. At first he looked afraid, but recognition filled him immediately.
‘It was worse this time,’ Dean told you miserably. Dean had a nightmare almost every night now and it broke your heart each and every time, to watch the man that was so strong be broken.
‘I think it was because you were out. I couldn’t reach out and grab you to make sure you were still there,’ he said, looking down.
You knew he
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 316 32
I've Got You: Dean x Reader (Sequel)
Before I get into this, this is a sequel. Go below and comments if you want to read the first part to this. Also! You and Dean have both aged. He is the age he is in the show now and you're the same age he is! Thank you and enjoy!
(y/n) had just finished a school wide presentation at Elwood High, and was packing her things up when a teen boy walked up to her. He had tears in his eyes. She could that his lip was swollen.
"Oh my god." She muttered, taking his hands in hers. "What happened? Are you alright?"
He nodded and tears start to run down his face. She pulled him into a hug and started stoking his hair comfortingly. He snivelled into her shoulder and start to wet her shirt with his tears.
"Hey." (y/n) said in a light whisper. "You'll be alright, I'm here to talk and help. So tell me, what happened to you?"
The boy pulled back and wiped his nose on the back of his hand. "T-there are b-bullies, they always c-come after m-me and leave the other t-teens alon
:iconkoolangelcakes15:koolangelcakes15 16 3
Dean x Shy!Reader: Fanfiction
You nervously pushed your glasses back up your nose as you wrote almost furiously in your notebook about some ‘vampire lore.’ Dean was eating pie across from you at the table while Sam was asleep.
“Hey, (YN),” Dean said as he held up a piece of pie on his fork, “want some pie?” You looked up, blushed, and shook your head.
“N-no thanks, Dean,” you chuckled nervously. He chuckled back confidently and took the bite instead.
“What do you got?” he asked as he looked down at your notebook, which you quickly snapped shut.
“N-nothing yet,” you said quickly.
“I thought you said you were doing some vampire lore stuff.”
“I am, I-I am, just... I-It’s not ready yet.” He smirked.
“Can I proof read?”
“No!” you said loudly, but luckily not loud enough to wake Sam.
“Okay,” Dean replied coolly, holding up his hands in what looked like defense, though it seemed he was
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 54 23
Dean x Child!Reader - Sarcastic Little Sh- Preview
Sam and Dean Winchester sat in the dingy little motel, a horror movie playing in the background. They had been staying there for a few days, another case just finished. Sam had his laptop on his lap, typing something. His brother sighed as he laid back in the bed, sighing in contempt. "Ah~ If only every day was like this, eh Sammy?" Dean said, turning to his brother with a smile on his face. Sam nodded half-heartedly, his eyes glued to the computer in front of him. Dean sat up, resting his hands on his knees. "Sam, what are you typing?"
Sam paused, glanced up, and continued to type. "Stuff." Dean rolled his eyes, his brother was such a descriptive fellow. For a moment, Dean thought about inviting Castiel down to hang out, but thought twice and shook his head. He was here to relax, not watch over a baby in a trench coat. 
"Hello Dean." A deep voice echoed from behind the sandy-blond haired man and he jumped, turning to glared at the angel. "Did I startle you? My
:iconboondocksaints2001:boondocksaints2001 42 21
The Wait - Dean x Pregnant!Fem!Reader [AU]
Note: This is the sequel to my first Dean x Reader story so if you haven't read that, please read it here! Auntie! - Uncle!Dean x Aunt!Reader [Fluff!AU-ish]
"Mommy, is Auntie {y/n} still getting my cousin?" Mary Winchester, Dean's six year old niece, asked as her parents and her Uncle Dean waited outside of your room where you were "getting Mary's cousin" as her daddy would say.
"Just wait a little bit longer, Auntie {y/n} should be out soon with your new cousin," Jessica assured both Mary and Dean and Dean ran his fingers through his hair.
"What if something happens? What if the baby gets hurt or {y/n}? I should've gone in there with her," Dean sighed and Sam stood up and patted him on the back.
"Trust me, {y/n} is strong and she'll be able to get through this. Plus, you wouldn't want to go in there, it's not a pretty process," Sam comforted his worrying brother and Dean sighed as he sat down next to the blon
:icondemonhunteryeager:DemonHunterYeager 125 16
Mature content
Blind!SpainxReader - A Beautiful Little Fool Pt. 2 :iconcrooked-clockwork:crooked-clockwork 49 80
Home (Heterochromatic! Blind!Eren X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen to both of these at the same time while you read if you want the full effect!~

A soft crackling erupted from the fireplace, warmth fleeing from the burning wood. The flames danced, licking at the air around it while pleading for attention. You sighed, satisfied with your work. Finally, some time to relax in your home after those few long months of college. And while your roommate and most of your friends were out at parties or spending time with their families and loved ones, you were sitting alone in your house, about to snuggle up with a giant blanket and large romance novel.
Living the life, right?
You lazily flopped down onto the sofa, drawing your knees to your chest. Eyeing the book, you reached out, attempting to keep your comfortable position while grabbing it. Seeing that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, you shifted enough to bring it clos
:icongreystream:Greystream 317 146
Sick (Levi x Reader
    _____ fell to her knees. gasping for breath. Sweat mixed with melting snow dripped from her face and bare arms. Even through it was snowing, and the air was freezing cold, she couldn't tell.
    This morning when Levi was inspecting rooms on cleanliness, he found her tucked away in her room, still sleeping, her room itself looked as if a tornado had ran through it. In sheer anger, he nearly threw her to the other side of her room, his voice more venimous then normal, telling her to clean her room and once she was done, she was to run untill on the brink of death.
    She remained on the ground a few more minutes, sticking snow melted around her, now coldness began creeping through her. This morning it was sunny, cold, but sunny. She wore a (f/c) tanktop and her uniform pants. After lunch, which she skipped along with breakfast, the sky clouded up and snow began to fall. Now she was deffinatly sure she had even run through dinner. Oh, i prey this is eno
:iconiamintomanyfandoms:Iamintomanyfandoms 224 37
Sing Me To Sleep (Levi x Reader)
You were slumped over with your back pressed against the cold stone wall. The scouting legion had finally made it to one of the many castles that were still standing outside of the walls and the sun was beginning to set behind the hills an stress that lay in the distance of the great beyond.
"Captain." Erwin greeted you as he sat down next to you. Erwin Smith was a fellow Squad Leader who you had known since your trainee days. The two of you were around the same age, mostly. You in your early twenties and Erwin in his mid twenties. You said nothing back to him.
"So tell me (First), what's your impression of the three new recruits?" You continued to look ahead at the people dragging the bodies through the door. "The three "criminals"?" You asked, with an emphasis on the word criminals. Erwin had asked you in your assistance to capture the trio from the underground, a mission you refused immediately. You didn't agree with his mindset of forcing people to give their lives for something th
:iconmandyloved:Mandyloved 185 29


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