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Parenting (Whis x Mom!Reader)
A/N: Sae is an OC of mine. She is the daughter of Whis, and the reader, you. She will be your child in this fic. Sae is a pun to Sake drink~
You looked around the garden to find your daughter nowhere in sight. For a toddler, she is very cunning for her age. She is almost too smart, and it's hard to believe she is only about four years old. You weren't all surprise. She is Whis's daughter after all.
You've been married to Whis for a few years, and during that time you gave birth to both of your child. You've been living here on this planet with your family, including the God of Destruction, Beerus. It's been a hectic few years, but you loved every single day of it. Sometimes you do visit back on Earth to see your friends, but this past year you've haven't gone back to visit yet.
Sae, your daughter, has started to become rather troublesome. She's such a good child, but lately she is going down a dark path. You were exaggerating on that part. However, in way she was. She has taken
:iconmei-senpai-chan:Mei-Senpai-Chan 73 17
Theoretically (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)
    A friendship between and Slytherin and a Hufflepuff is, theoretically, dangerous. I say theoretically, because very rarely, when the timing is right and the stars align, it happens.
    You and Newt were that rare friendship. You were a fierce friend, and you kept him rational, for the most part, while he helped you be more imaginative. You both cared and loved these magical creatures, in fact, when you both were still in Hogwarts, you often snuck out to meet him in the forest. You two bonded over feeding the thestrals and making a somewhat understanding with the centaurs. Both of you felt this was a major accomplishment, with the centaurs being a very noble species.
    You met when you noticed Newt being bothered by a pack of Gryffindors. Although you didn't affiliate with the young Hufflepuff, your disdain for Gryffindors was much greater, and you would take any chance to yell at them, should the moment arise. So you marched over with purpose and to
:iconloveysweet43:Loveysweet43 85 12
Newt Scamander x Beast Reader
I sighed as I sat inside Newt's suitcase, right at the opening, the only thing separating me from the outside world was the leather sheet across his case, shutting me in here with the other beasts. I sighed again, leaning my forehead against the cool leather, causing the outside of the case to bulge outwards slightly.
I sat there at the opening for a while, when I felt a pressure against me. My eyes widened slightly and I turned, only to see nothing there. Oh of course, it was Dougal. I smiled as the leather got pushed outwards sharply, resulting in what seemed to be one of the clips holding the case shut to fly open. It's what it sounded like anyway.
I giggled quietly at the beast's antics, hearing Dougal move away from the opening when Newt's voice came through the leather. "Dougal, you settle down now please. It won't be long." I smiled slightly, knowing Dougal had already gone away from the opening, probably back to his habitat part of the case. So he was practically talking to no
:iconrockthenebula:RockTheNebula 28 3
Lullaby | France

Mother!Pregnant!Reader x Father!Francis Bonnefoy
You had been told it could be different, the volume of pain these nasty things called contractions were. 'It all depends on the strength of your contractions,' the midwife had tried to reassure, even adding a tiny smile at the end of it, but your fierce glare quickly shut her up. It was obvious this birth was going to be more painful than Alfred's, because taking in what the midwife had said, you realised your contractions were stronger - a lot stronger.
Still, this- this you couldn't take. Every time a contraction came, every part of you seemed to clench painfully until there was nothing but that blinding agony. You wanted to scream, to cry and faint. Your body felt as if it were trying to split in half and yet something was refusing to let it; you half wished it'd go away, just let your body split to end this agonising pain. However, you also wished you hadn't sent Francis away.
:iconladycookiecupcake:LadyCookieCupcake 33 7
Monster In My Dreams | Child!America x Baby!Canada
Child!America and Mother!Reader and Baby!Canada
"Come on, Alfred. It's time for bed." You said for the fifth time in the last hour, knocking on the bathroom door just in case he didn't hear you. You knew be could though; if he couldn't hear from within the bathroom when the door is closed, he wouldn't be able to hear you when you say dinner's ready or 'the cupcakes are done and ready to be eaten'. So yes, he heard perfectly well...when he wanted to.
You knew why he was acting like this. You knew he was scared, and he only ever acted 'unheroic' when he was truly scared. Of course you knew there was nothing to be scared of, he was in the house with you and his baby brother, but children's imaginations tend to make things a little worse. Add on the nightmare he had, and this is just pure disaster.
Still, you wanted him out of the bathroom. You had even promised him he could sleep with you tonight, and although he agreed, he still was intent on staying in the bathroom. You sighed, t
:iconladycookiecupcake:LadyCookieCupcake 24 0
The Witch's Son || Child!England x Mother!Reader

(Read description for warnings...and everything else)
The young boy stood there, emerald eyes wide and body slack. Just a few seconds ago, he had been struggling against the large arms that held him back, a rough grip bruising his tiny arms. He'd been so desperate, so eager to go ahead, to run and run until he could reach you... It didn't work, of course it didn't. You didn't want it to as well, not really. You didn't want your little boy hurt, be it from the people surrounding you or the hot embers currently burning your flesh.
There was a time you had hoped this wouldn't happen. There was a time you had wished and hoped and prayed that if this had to happen, your son would not be there to bare witness to it. You didn't want your ten year old son to see his own mother's death, you didn't want him to see anyone's death! But it would seem nobody cared, and why would they? You were nothing but a nasty, horrible witc
:iconladycookiecupcake:LadyCookieCupcake 77 12
Till Death Do Us Part - Sam x Sick!Dying!Reader
In sickness and in health. Those were the words in their vows they had sworn for each other.
In sickness, she was always sick. There wasn't a day that went by that she was well or was able to stand on her own two feet. Before their wedding day that was when she was in health. But a few months after the happiest day of their lives they received devastating news when she had collapsed in the bathroom.
Those were the words that the doctor had spoken. The same words that lodged their hearts into the back of their throats. She wouldn't stop crying, he wouldn't stop clinging onto her. He could listen to her life slip away through every breath she dragged in through her lungs.
They used to walk with one and other in the snow during the winter. It was her favorite season. Now they couldn't do that.
His hand couldn't slip into hers and watch the snow fall. He could no longer watch through snowflake lashes the way her face lit up as she threw a snowball in his direction or heard
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 128 60
Gone too soon (Spain x Sick!Dying!Comatose!Reader)
This was requested a REALLY long time ago by the fabulous :iconDemigodArtist: Sorry I'm just now getting to it girly!!  (The reason it's a spain x sick reader instead of a jealous!spain x reader is because I recently saw TFIOS and I have all these feels I need to get out. And I can't write Spain as the Jealous type due to his obliviousness and the fact that I have a hard time writing characters out of character.)
Antonio stood motionless over the seemingly lifeless body of his beautiful wife (y/n), hot painful tears stinging his eyes. She'd had cancer for the last 10 years. After so many cancer treatments, her body simply couldn't sustain her in a conscious state anymore. She's been comatose for the last 5 months. The doctors have told him that soon, they'll have to pull the plug if she doesn't wake. He's given up hope on her waking, for the most part. There's still that small part of him that still has a small glint of hope that soon she'll open her gorgeous (e/c) eyes and
:iconevilangel3:EvilAngel3 52 63
Snapped!Magic!Italy X Mute!Reader. Silence.
    "Ragazza!" The thundered boomed outside again.
    'He's mad again.' You sighed and got up. Placing a bookmark in the book you were reading, you headed up to your masters room.
    You knocked his door loudly. For a minute there was nothing but the distant booming of thunder. You opened your voice to say something but realized that you couldn't talk. You never would. 
    Let's explain shall we. You had somehow become Feliciano's maid. It all started when your parents had given you up. You were always the odd one. Pointing at things people couldn't see or knowing things before they happened. You were suppose to a sacrifice so that the village could be left in peace. To what nobody knows. They just wanted to get rid of you and the threat. 
     It was raining that night and you were in the forest tied to a tree. You remembered trying not to cry and stay strong. All you wanted was to get free and live.
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 382 56
Avengers X Sick!Dying!Reader. Roam the Earth.
Chapter 1: Goodbye to this life
"I'm dying," you said so simply. The person in front of you held no tears, no pity, no sadness. They only stared back at you with hollowed eyes. Then they scrunched their face up in anger. "ugh!" You growled at your mirror. 
you stepped away and stared at the results of the tests and scan. Different doctors and the same result. Some said a year and some said a month but whatever the result was, you were gonna die. 
Putting the papers away into your draw, you plopped down onto your vanity chair and looked at yourself. There wasn't much difference. You were still healthy looking but there was something just there. Perhaps it was the tirdness of your eyes or the slouch of you back or maybe the fact that you could my longer feel any reason to live. 
A snarp knock on your door inturupted your thoughts. Before you could say a thing, a certain millionaire came barging in with his red and gold suit on. 
"You gonna stare at yourself all day, c
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 30 5
Hit Me | Masochist!Tamaki x Male!Reader
You were the son of a famous chocolate company's owner a thing which most people mocked very openly. You had stopped caring and being so defensive after a while and the words just faded to the back. That had been until they decided to involve your sexuality into it. You were gay but that really had nothing to do with anything but you couldn't stand bigotry and when he called you a 'chocolate fag' you knocked his teeth out. The incident had been swept under the rug by your father's power and you had been sent to a new school. So that's why you stood in front of Ouran Academy looking up at its massive size and being a little bit impressed. Your house was probably bigger but to be compared to that was a feat of its own. Your mother's assistant walked up next to you her tablet in hand, she was very businesslike something you didn't really care for. All the formality in your home life was annoying you hoped that your caretakers would be different but they never were.
"M/N let's go shall we?
:iconkamukurahope:kamukurahope 39 7
BDSM? (Italy x Reader x Germany)
---BDSM? (Italy x Reader x Germany)---
It was a quiet Sunday morning. You were at your good friend Germany's house, just to hang out. You found out that you arrived a bit earlier than expected, since the Axis were still having a training session in the backyard.
Germany let you stay in the living room while they were still doing drills, so you made yourself at home by lying on the sofa whilst reading a book.
What was the book, you ask?
Well, it was just something you picked up while you were visiting England last week.
Fifty Shades of Grey.
After reading countless doujinshis, lemons and being on Tumblr almost 24/7--this book didn't have that much impact on you. You were only reading it because you were curious about why people were going crazy over it. In the middle of reading, you didn't notice a certain brown-haired Italian was already crouched down beside you.
"Ciao, (Name)! What are you reading?~"
"Oh, just Fifty Shades of Grey."
"Ah~ Interesting! What's it
:iconflamehazelollipop:flamehazelollipop 487 355
Mute!Reader x Older!Dipper Oneshot
You like flowers. You like them a lot. That’s why you work at Gravity Falls’ only greenhouse-boasting nursery (very well the only plant-selling place that wasn’t a) advertising their carnivorous tendencies or b) run by a clueless, Portland-runoff college alumni). Working outside means you get to do two of your favorite things: watching people as they pass by and being around plants.
Which is how you ended up realizing that one of the two people who worked at the tourist-swarming Mystery Shack, whom you could finally add to your list of “townspeople noticed while working”, was actually...well, the fact that he was related to grumpy old Stan was a surprise to you.
The curly-haired, tattoo-clad guy happened to be a particularly fine specimen of “out of your league”, but it didn’t matter WHO you surreptitiously looked for when you picked your way back to your apartment across the withered mossy sidewalks of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Although he
:iconturtlenecksandtea:turtlenecksandtea 413 55
Dipper Pines x Demon!Reader: Ode to Never Give Up
"______..." Dipper smiled a gentle grin, soft, awkward, and forgiving. "Let's get out of here." Smiling you took his hand and led him out of the dying nightmare and into a fresh, brighter dream. 

Good Ending: We Were Made For This

    In the middle of a forest, a lone boy stood in the center. Yet he wasn't alone, only he could see the dream demon dressed in a (favorite color) summer dress, a matching (favorite color) top hat, with an obsidian cane twirling in her hand.
    "Do we have a deal?" The flame on your hand flared blue. The mystery twin smiling in front of you took your hand firmly.
    "Deal." He said. In an instant you materialized into the real world and sighed in relief, it felt so good to be out of the Mindscape. The best part was that you had an excuse for your dad now. Technically you were out doing demon business - perhaps with his mortal enemy - but details are misleading anyways.
:iconholyheroine:HolyHeroine 269 75
Mature content
Te Amo, Teenage mother :iconlittlegayboi:littlegayboi 2 0
Hinata x Reader
"I'm sorry miss, but there is a 2.000002% chance of you conceiving a child. Your previous cancer messed up your chances of having children." The words hit you, they hit you hard. "What can we do?" Your husband stuttered. "W-we've been trying for 4 years!" Hinata grabbed your hand.
His gazed at you quickly.
You stared at your lap. "Either have a surrogate mother, adopt, or continue trying." The doctor said. "How about trying all three?" Hinata asked. You looked up. "I mean, most likely we won't be able to get a surrogate or be able to adopt or get pregnant, yet."
He took a deep breath. "So let's try all three." He gave you a smile you couldn't say no too.
You smiled at him. Then to the doctor. "So, Where do we start?"
*Two months later*
You paced back and forth infront of the room where the women you that might you let you adopt her unborn baby, Hinata and her were talking.
Hinata walked out. "She said yes!" He said happily. You bursted out in tears.
But the moment was short lived as Hi
:iconlittlegayboi:littlegayboi 3 0


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